Sunday, March 29, 2015

Where does all our Garbage go?? - Great Pacific Garbage Patch
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Plastics bottles. Plastic bags. Plastic everything. As an individual walking down the busy roads of Shanghai city made me think - "where do all our trash go?" Countless times have I seen our supposed good citizens (sometimes) dump their used plastic bottles into the recycling bins. Countless times have I witnessed the life-filled plastic bag being tossed in the wind.  Countless times have I discovered that tiny plastic lighter hiding in the bottom corner of a tree. 

I wrote an 18 research paper on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch back in high school focusing on evaluating economic and political strategies of the superpowers and their position to help endangered species such as the Albatross who's habitat have been overflowed by the mountainous piles of garbage that humans have created. It's truly amazing to finally see young individuals, empowered to change and make our world a better place, design innovations so truly amazing as such....

"Dutch teenager and aerospace engineering student, BOYAN SLAT, 19, went on a diving vacation to Greece and was horrified to see more floating plastic bags than fish in the beautiful blue waters. He also found large amounts of colored plastic shards mixed in the sand on the beaches, and noticed that there were relatively few red plastic shards. He discovered that these had been eaten by birds and fish because they looked like flesh. These animals, he knew, would eventually die a slow and painful death.
Since then, Boyan has been on an ambitious mission to develop a solution to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, proposing in the following TEDx Talk that a series of large Manta ray shaped platforms be affixed in the waters, which - powered by the oceanic currents themselves - will be able to extract the plastic garbage on their own, at tremendous savings in terms of money, energy, and labor."


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